20. Since my childhood, I _to an-yone for anything. I just had everything. Imiss my school days.NOT)COMPLAIN21.Thepart used to be the exchangeof lunch boxes'.EXCITING22.Usually I and my best friend liked each oth-er's lunch and soon we_ a habitof exchanging lunches.DEVELOPAlso we used to share our secrets. We usedto play own created games and drawfor fun.WE24.FINDMy childhood was really amazing and sim-ple. Wefun in simple but beau-tiful things. We sometimes played in therains, made paper boats, ate ice-creams andenjoyed every drop of water.25.These were some of the stuff of my schooland childhood, which I remember today assweetMEMORY26.MAKEI wish Godeveryone's childhooddays as carefree as mine.​

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