Помогите пожалуйста.Напишите пожалуйста 13 вопросов на английском к следующему тексту который дан ниже. Вопросы для 10 класса по России.Вопросы желательно на английском написать. Hob : I painted a picture once. I showed it to an artist, Miguel Macasso, who had sold a picture to Uncle Albert, and do you know what he said about it? He said that my picture would hang in the British Museum long after Rubens and Rembrandt were forgotten. Olaf : Did he really? Hob : Yes. But he added. "But not until they are forgotten." Macasso was a funny felow. I remember one time I was at his house and, as he looked through the window, he saw an old fisherman going by. Macasso thought the old man would make a good subject for a picture so he told me to go out and tell the fisherman that Mr. Macasso wanted to paint him. I went. The man thought about it for a minute or so and said, " What will he pay me?" I said that he would give him two pounds. The man still hesitated , so I said, " It's an easy way to earn two pounds." "Oh! I know that, " said the man, " but I am wondering how I shall get the paint off afterwards."

1 Who painted a picture?2 Hob showed his picture to an artist, didn't he?3 What was the artist's name?4 What did the artist say about the picture?5 Was Macasso a funny or strange fellow?6 Once Macasso wanted to paint a fisherman's portrait, didn't he?7 Where did he see the fisherman?8 Who went to tell the fisherman that Mr. Macasso wanted to paint him?9 Did the man agree to be painted?10 How much did the artist want to pay the man?11 The man still hesitated, didn't he?12 What did Hob say to the fisherman?13 What did the man answer?

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