Выберите правильный вариант формы глагола: 1. We call /will call you when we get / will get back home. 2. Don’t worry. We clean / will clean up that mess before Mum sees / will see it. 3. I start / will start working on that article as soon as I get / will get to the office. 4. Lunch is / will be ready when you come / will come home. 5. As soon as we find / will find a bigger house, we move / will move. 6. I type / will type these letters before the boss comes / will come. 7. When everyone is / will be here, we bring / will bring out the cake. 8. She phones / will phone as soon as she sees / will see our message. 9. Her dad doesn’t let / won’t let her leave the house until she apologises / will apologise. 10. I am / will be here when the guests start / will start arriving.

Ответ:1) will/get. 2) will clean/sees. 3)start/will get. 4)will be/come 5)find/will move 6)will type/ comes. 7)will be/bring. 8) will phone/ sees.9) won’t let/apologises. 10)will be/ startОбъяснение:

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