ПОМОГИТЕ С АНГЛИЙСКИМ, ПОЖАЛУЙСТА! Заполните пропуски в предложениях, выбрав из предложенных слов и выражений подходящие по смыслу: bumpy flight, cut-price fares, luggage rack, serviced, change trains, economy class, more economical, skidded, collided with, get a lift, on board, speed limit, commute, reclining seats, unavoidably delayed 1. Those cars must be breaking the ______________________! Look at how fast they’re going! 2. As the cruise progressed, life ______________________ soon settled down to a comfortable routine. 3. Put your suitcase up on the ______________________ out of the way. 4. The travel agency are offering _______________ to destinations all over the USA. 5. There was a line of hitch-hikers all hoping to ______________________. 6. You’d better have your car ______________________ before you go on holiday. 7. Although the coach had ______________________ and air-conditioning, I still had difficulty getting to sleep. 8. She chose the smaller car because it was ______________________ on petrol. 9. It was such a ______________________ that at one point the cabin crew had to stop serving dinner and fasten their seatbelts. 10. As I ______________________ to work every day, I’ve bought a season ticket. 11. The coach ______________________ on some oil and overturned. 12. The flight has been ______________________ due to bad weather. 13. We had to ______________________ at a tiny station in the middle of nowhere. 14. When you fly ______________________, you don’t get so much leg room. 15. One car had ______________________ another and they needed heavy lifting equipment to pull them apart.

1. speed limit 2. on board 3. luggage rack 4. cut-price fares 5. get a lift 6. serviced 7. reclining seats 8. more economical 9. bumpy flight 10. commute 11. skidded 12. unavoidably delayed 13. change trains 14. economy class 15. collided with

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