Task 1Read the text and decide if the sentences are T (true) or F (false).Holidays can be long or short and they can last from one night to more than three week different people choose different types of holidays. Some want to go abroad and sunbathe some prefer to go to local resorts and visit the local attractions and some want to visit places far away to experience a different culture.A tourist resort is a place that attracts a large number of visitors because it has lots ofтinteresting places to visit and things to do. The majority of holidaymakers will visit a recogsnized holiday resort of some kind, either in their country or abroad.Probably, the most visited holiday resorts in Britain are Hastings and St Leonards. Hastings offers visitors a variety of attractions, such as the Hastings Castle, the Museum and ArtGallery, the White Rock Theatre and the Cliff Railways. Hastings is a seaside town and hasbeen a fishing port for centuries. The fishing quarter is one of the most fascinating parts ofthe town. It has also plenty of greenery, parkland and wooded areas.St Leonards is next to Hastings. It is a new town with elegant squares and beautiful gardens. Before deciding whether to visit an area, it is a good idea to look at the attractions onoffer to make sure there's something that interests you. Tourist information offices, travel agents, the Internet and brochures can often give you this information.1. Holidaymakers can spend the whole year travelling.2. Visitors are attracted to tourist resorts by the possibility to swim.3.Holidaymakers come to Hastings to enjoy fascinating attractions. 4.Coming to St Leonards, it's better to find out if the attractions are to your liking.​

1.F They can visit local attractions. 2.F Visitors are attracted to tourist resorts because of interesting places and lots of activities. 3.T 4.T

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