Tomorrow3. You (to watch) TV every day? You (to watch) TV yesterday? You (to watch) TVtomorrow?4. When you (to leave) home for work every day? When you (to leave) home for workyesterday? When you (to leave) home for work tomorrow?5. My brother (to go) to work every day. He (to leave) home at eight o'clock. His office (tobe) near our house and he (to walk) there. He (not to take) a bus. Yesterday he (not to go) towork. Yesterday he (to get) up at nine o'clock.6. .. you (to have) time yesterday? — No, I ....7. What you (to buy) at the shop yesterday? — I (to buy) a book.8. Yesterday my father (not to read) newspapers because he (to be) very busy. He (to read)newspapers tomorrow.Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в одном из следующих временPresent Continuous, Present Simple, Past Simple unu Future Simple.1. Kate (to cook) dinner every day. Kate (to cook) dinner tomorrow. Kate (to cook)dinner now. Kate (to cook) dinner yesterday.2. I (not to eat) ice cream every day. I (not to eat) ice cream now. I (not to eat) icecream tomorrow. I (not to eat) ice cream yesterday.3. He to spend) last summer in the country. He (not to spend) last winter in thecountry. He (to spend) last spring in the country? Where he (to spend) last autum4. She (to help) mother yesterday. She (not to help) father yesterday. She (to helsister yesterday? How she (to help) sister yesterday?5. You (to go) to school every day? You (to go) to school now?6. You (to go) to the south next summer? You (to go) to the north last winter?7. What your brother (to do) every day? What your brother (to do) now? What yobrother (to do) tomorrow? What your brother (to do) yesterday?8. What you (to get) for your last birthday? What you (to want) to get for your nebirthday?​

Объяснение:3 watch,watched, are watching4leave,left,are leaving5goes, leaves, is walks6did, have, didn't7bought,bought8didn't read, was,is reading1.cooks,is cooking, cooked2didn't eat, amn't eating, wasn't ate,3spent, wasn't spent, spent4helped, didn't help, helped5go,are going6are going,went7does,is doing, did8got,want

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