Помогите вставить артикли!!

Помогите вставить артикли!!

1. It was evening. 2. It was a warm summer evening. 3. The evening was verypleasant. 4. Let's meet in the evening, I'll be very busy in the afternoon. 5. It wasearly morning. 6. It snowed at night. 7. We started early in the morning. 8. |The night came, the day broke, but there was no sign of the plane. 9. Don't worry, we'll get home before sunset. 10. The children were shivering though it was a warm night.1. The Russian likes the good hard winter with plenty of snow and frost. 2. Nature is so beautiful in winter. 3. In this country the spring is always wet, the summer is unbearably hot, the autumn is wet and muddy, the winter is perishingly cold and snowy. 4. Do you still remember the...

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