Помогите с английским 18 номер

Помогите с английским 18 номер

1. I (have read) this book. I (read) it in 1998 when it (was) first published.2. It (has not rained) today and it (did not rain) yesterday.3. When (did you phone) her last?4. How long (have you had) this car?5. How long ago (did you buy) it?6. (Have you ever travelled) by plane? - Yes, I (travelled) to St. Petersburg a year ago.7. He (has just got up).8. He (got up) very early in the morning.9. She (has not passed) her exam. She is very upset.10. (Have you found) your dictionary? - Oh yes. - Where did you (find) it? - It (was) under my bed.

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