Вставьте необходимые модальные глаголы (must, may, can, have to, should, need, would, ought to или их эквиваленты) 1.... I introduce Mr. Smith? 2. It... be very cold here in May. 3... I use your telephone? 4. He... answer these questions without any help. 5. A mam... help his parents when they become old. 6. I... have done it if I had more time. 7. You... say nothing. Just nod your head and he will understand. 8. You.. sit here in your wet clother; you, ll catch cold if you do. 9. We... drive fast; we have plenty of time. 10. Yesterday I...stay at home as was ill.

10. Yesterday I had to stay at home as was ill.Объяснение:

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