Read the business letter. Fill in the gaps with a suitable word from the box Нужно вставить из списка: Thank you, sincerely, about, price list, favourable, equipment, hearing, interest ------------------------------------- Dear Mr. Bradbury, (1) … for your letter of 22nd October enquiring (2) … our range of (3) … for food processing. I enclose an up-to-date (4) … and our latest catalogue, which I hope includes something of (5) … to you. You will notice that we offer very (6) … terms of payment. I look forward to (7) … from you again. Yours (8) …, Dennis Kiley Dennis Kiley Sales manager

Ответ:1.Thank you 2.about 4. price list 5.interest 6.favourable 7. hearing 8.sincerely

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