Jewellery and coins (1) ______________ last night from the home of Mr. and Mrs. Smiths.(to be stolen) At about 1.30 a.m., a young man (2) _____________in the Smiths’ garden by a neighbour. (to be seen) The police were informed immediately by the neighbour's wife. Ten minutes later, the man was caught as he (3) ______________ the garden and was taken to the police station for questioning. (to leave) His pockets were searched. Rings and gold coins worth over £3000 were found. When the man was questioned about the theft, he (4) ______________, (to say) "It was easy. A window was opened and the safe (5) ______________". (not to be locked)

Ответ:1. were stolen 2. was seen 3.was leaving 4.said 5. was not lockedОбъяснение:

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