Помогите Language A Some of the following lines contain errors. Find and correct them. If a sentence is correct, put a tick in the space next to that line. 21 They can’t afford lowering prices. ______________________ 22 Her job involves deal with clients. ______________________ 23 I refuse believe you. ______________________ 24 I heard about the changes last week. ______________________ 25 We stopped the car to check the tyres. ______________________ 26 If I would know the firm better, I would offer them credit terms. ______________________ 27 Since 1999 we’ve kept away from chemical products. ______________________ 28 If you reduce the price by five percent, I might to buy at least five thousand units. ____________ 29 The new CEO decided outsource some of the company’s functions. ______________________ 30 Would it help you if I would lend you some money?

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