Помогите с заданием Complete the gaps in the dialogue with the phrases (a–g). a) I’d like to think about that b) have I got this right c) I think we’ve covered everything d) That sounds reasonable e) I’m sorry, we couldn’t afford that f) let’s look at the options g) I’ll look into things straight away Francis: So, ______________________ 46 ? You’d like HR to help you organise a course for sixteen staff members on strategy building. Danny: That’s right. Francis: OK. First, ______________________ 47 . We could offer the course in-house – we’ve certainly got enough good trainers. Or we can go outside. I’d recommend AQP Consultancy. Danny: Hmm. I’m not sure what would be best. ______________________ 48. Francis: That’s fine, but let me tell you about the prices first. If we hold it here, you’ll only need to pay for refreshments, say £15 per person. What do you think of that? Danny: ______________________ 49. Francis: But, a one-day course run by AQP in a three-star hotel is going to cost about £50 per person. Danny: ______________________ 50 . It’s far too expensive. Francis: Well, don’t decide yet. I’ll speak to a few people and see if I can find out some other opportunities. Danny: Thanks – that would be good. Anything else? Francis: No, ______________________ 51 for now. Danny: I can’t think of anything else either. Francis: OK. _____________________ 52 and give you a call. Vocabulary

Ответ:Объяснение:1b 2f 3a 4d 5e 6c 7g

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