Срочно нужна помощь!!! Без этих заданий я завалю сессию... Отдаю все баллы за решение

Срочно нужна помощь!!! Без этих заданий я завалю

7.342 If she writes the article today, she will bring it for the newspaper.3 Had she known her mistakes, she would have corrected them.4 Everything could have been settled yesterday if you had come in time.5 I think that our research will be successful but if we didn't succees in getting the desired results, we should try to find a new method.6 Were he in St Petersburg my friends would know about it.7 The work will be done in an hour if you do your part.4.372 All the machines will have been repaired by the technicians by the end of the week.3 The money will have been collected (by them) by the end of the month.4 The house will have been decorated by the painter by Monday.5 This chapter will have been reviewed (by them) by next week.6 These articles will have been analysed by me by the coming weekend.4.382 The secretary will have written all the letters by the end of the week.3 I will have baked the cakes by five o'clock.4 The architect will have completed the project by the end of this term.5 We will have painted the walls by the end of the week.

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