Помогите с анг языком​

Помогите с анг языком​

Ответ:I1. Last year I lived near my office. I always walked there.2. What language did you study 5 years ago? - I studied French.3. What did engineers recieve last evening?4. How long did your lesson last 2 years ago? - It lasted 1 hour.5. With whom do you go to the party? - I go to the party with my wife.II1. How much money does he earn for his family?2. Why do you have dinner late in the evening?3. When will they go to the south?4. When do people usually send greeting cards?5. Who will help him with this exercise?III1. Last summer he spent in the country.2. The test will be difficult.3. Peter and Jack were friends at school.4. Yesterday Mary cooked dinner.5. This man likes to read books.

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