Fill in the gaps with the following words: Biased, recommend, subpoena, opposing, eyewitness, discovery stage, qualifications, physical examination, settlement, firsthand, affidavit, privileged, credibilitype. 1. A person who saw what happened isince a (n) пропуск 2. A пропуск person is the one who has a preference for someone or something. 3. Пропуск means the one who is against the client. 4. I have an appointment with a doctor for a Пропуск 5. What did the lawyer Пропуск the her client do? 6.A(n) Пропуск is a written document in which the signed swears that the statements are true. 7. Martin doesn't know his client very well, so his comments don't have much Пропуск 8.The period of action before a trial is a Пропуск 9. Sue is not a reliable witness because shipping didn't see what happened Пропуск 10. Пропуск is agreement between the parties that is reached through negotiation, not by the court. 11. I need to confirm your Пропуск, how long have you been working in the police? 12.statements of conversation that can't be told anyone are Пропуск 13. A document which says when you must come to couRte is a пропуск

1 eyewitness2 biased3 opposing 4 physical examination5 recommend6 affidavit7 credibility8 discovery stage9 firsthand10 settlement11 qualifications12 privileged (не подлежащий разглашению)13 subpoena

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