Use the verbs in brackets to complete the Conditional Sentences of the second type, translate into Russian. 1. if (to have) this rare book, I (to lend) gladly it to you. 2. The dish (to be) much more tasty if she (to be) a better cook. 3. He never ( to phone) you if ( not to remind) him to do that. 4. Your brother (to become) much stronger if he (to take) cold baths regularly. 5. If he (to be) more courageous, he (not to be) afraid. I 6. If the fisherman (to be) less patient, he (not to catch) so much fish. 7. If you (to put) the ice cream into the refrigerator, it (not melt). 8. If I (to know)the result now, I (to phone) her immediately. 9. lf you ( to let) me know yesterday, I (to bring) you my book. 10. If it ( to snow), the children (to play) snowballs.

Use the verbs in brackets to complete the

1. If I had this rare book, I would gladly lend it to you. Если бы у меня была эта редкая книга, я с радостью одолжил бы ее тебе.2. The dish wouldbe much more tasty if she were a better cook.Блюдо было бы намного вкуснее, если бы она была более хорошим поваром.3. He would never phone you if I didn't remind him to do that.Он бы никогда не позвонил тебе, если бы я не напомнил ему сделать это.4. Your brother wouldbecome much stronger if he took cold baths regularly.Твой брат стал бы намного сильнее, если бы он регулярно принимал холодные ванны.5. If he were more courageous, he wouldn't be afraid. Если бы он был более смелым, он бы не боялся.6. If the fisherman were less patient, he wouldn't catch so much fish.Если бы рыбак был менее терпелив, он не поймал бы так много рыбы.7. If you put the ice cream into the refrigerator, it wouldn't melt.Если бы вы положили мороженое в холодильник, оно бы не растаяло.8. If I knew the result now, I wouldphone her immediately.Если бы я знал результат сейчас, я бы немедленно позвонил ей.9. lf you let me know yesterday, I wouldbring you my book.Если бы ты дал мне знать вчера, я бы принёс тебе мою книгу.10. If it snowed, the children would play snowballs. Если бы пошел снег, дети играли бы в снежки.

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