V. Choose the correct option a-c to complete the sentences. 0. The company.....in car sales for many years. a) has been dealing c) is dealing b)was dealing 2. Prices.... in the food busines s because of advances in distribution technology. a) fell b) have fallen c) fall 3. I .... the approval ofthree committee members before Bob signed offon the project. a) had already gotten c) have already gotten b) did already get 4....... us the new price list of your products yet? We need it as soon as possible a) did you send c) had you sent b) have you sent 5. I ...... the report when my boss asked for it. a) didn't finished c) hadn't finished b) haven't finished 6. How long.......in sales? c were you working b) have you been working a) are you working VI. Complete each sentence with a verb in the correct form,- ing or to... 1. We failed ..... the source ofthe problem, and things kept getting worse. a) to recognize b) recognizing 2. They recommend ..... insurance with the product.a) purchasing b) to purchase 3. He managed ..... the job on time. a) finishing b) to finish 4. Claudia hopes ..... her own office one day. a) to have b)having 5. I don't mind ..... my coworkers with their assignments. a) to help b) helping 6. After hours ofnegotiating, we managed...an agreement. a) reaching 6. b) to reach VII.Rewrite the sentences in the passive. 1. They won't take a decision until the next meeting A decision..... .until the next meeting a) won't be taken b) will be taken 2. We will deliver the goods immediately. The goods...immediately a)will deliver b) will be delivered 3. You can cancel the contract within five business days. The contract ....within five busines s days. b) will be cancelled a) can be cancelled 4. The employees are improving the situation. The situation.. by the employees. a) is improving b) is being improved 5. The committee will not announce the decision until next week. The decision........ by the committee until next week. a) will not be announced b) will not announce

Ответ:1 а2с3с4б5с6б1б2б3б4б5б6б1а2б3а4а5а

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