Вставте will or goin to : Looj at the time! The concert begins in five minutes We (be) ___ late . 2 . I don't think Linda (get) ___married before she's 25. 3. We (stay) ___at the Rex Hotel . We booked our rooms yesterday. 4. After dinner , i (help) ___you with the washing up . 5.I bought a train ticket to London . I (not go) ___ by bus 6. in the future we ( not use ) ___cars for travellling . 7. ' it's my mother's birthday tomorrow .' 'Oh really ? I (buy ) ___her some flowers '. 8. the temperature is going down . It (be) ___ cold tonight . 9. My parents are in bed ,but they (not go) ___ to sleep until my sister gets home . ( ПОЖАЛУЙСТА РЕШИТЕ БЕЗ ОШИБОК ЭТО ТЕСТ Я ОЧЕНЬ ДОЛГО ПИСАЛА

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