II. Make degrees of comparison of the following adjectives. Cultural, bad, favorite, warm, many, industrial, deep. III. Put the verbs «to be» and «to have» in the following sentences. 1. They ... my grandparents. 2. He ... the best swimmer in our college. 3. ... your parents a flat in a modern house? 4. ... they sailors? No, they ... not. They ... radio-operators. 5. Diana ...no brothers and sisters. She ... the only child in the family. IV. Put all possible questions to the sentence. 1. My father came back from his voyage last week. 2. He studies different subjects at the college.

2. Он изучает разные предметы в колледже.Ответ:III1.to be2.to be3.to have4.to be,to be,to be5.to have,to beIIcultural, more cultural, the most culturalbad - worse - the worstfavorite,more favorite,the most favoriteWarm – warmer – the warmestmany,more,most industrial, more industrial, the most industrialdeep. deeper . deepest

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